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Gracia Plus

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1Gracia Plus Empty Gracia Plus on Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:33 am

Test server in korea will be updated May 20, 2009
There might be some changes when it's applied to main server.


Mailing service
Now you can send items to your friends through this mailing system.
There are 2 types of mails you can send.
1. Sends mail along with items, receiver can click it to open.
2. Sends mail along with items with desired price, receiver has to pay that amount in order to get them.

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Changes in effectiveness of vitality. When class lv is 76 or higher, it will consume less vitality by large amount. Overall, vitality will last longer than before.

Territory Siege
There will be more rewards available with siege tokens.
BOG - grey, green and red books
Talisman - buff cancel, buff steal, cp boost+cp restore, less pvp dmg received, all resistance(resist increase for all element)
Pvp potion - hp, mp, cp
Belt - Rune clip belt (faster hp and mp regeneration), magic belt (pvp stat increase)
Strider - Stronger pdef than current strider and has special skill.

Gracia Plus A4219d69b346fc2765d9bf96

Stakato Nest / 82+ / 4man +
Field of Silence / 83+ / nuker
Forge of Gods / 78+ / nuker party
Dino Island / 83+ / 4man +
Mithrill Mines / 81+ / Archer
Giant Cave / 80+ / melee party
Rift / 80+ / 4man +
+ more

Changes in Zaken Raid
In order for more variety of players have chance to raid, it changed to instant zone type. Can choose to do day/night raid.
day - 9~27 man party.
night - 72+ man party

Instruction - When you enter, you have to turn the light on the candle in the small room then you will get info about location of zaken.
The later you find Zaken, the harder the raid will become, and the faster you clear the raid, the better reward.

Time limit - 60minute for day raid, 360minute for night raid.

Other changes
- you can teleport in front of zaken room using NPC(somulita?) in giran.
- Minions will return to original location when it goes off certain distance.
- Changes in the reward from raid.


Skill Enchant Changes
You can now enchant your skills easier without going to certain NPC to enchant skills.
It will not consume XP but has cost in adena and less SP is consumed.

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New enchant routes for following skills.
Song of Champion - time/cost
Song of Windstorm - time/cost
Dance of bladestorm - time/cost
Fear - chance/cost
Soul Guard - Power
Bless the blood - power
Backstab/deadly blow/double shot - duel

New Vanguard skills
Boost mortal - for 2 minutes, when sword/blunt/dual sword is used, accuracy 8, critical rate 150, critical dmg 30% is increased.
Gilotin(?) attack -Attack skill when using 2 handed word and blunt.
Triple blade slash - Dual sword attack skill.

Skill link
Any healer class(Cardinal, Eva's Saint, Sillen Saint) that are above 76 with 3rd class can learn 2(4 for SE) skills from other healer type.
Skill can be learned from grand master and skill master. In order to learn 1 skill, you need 1 formander(new item).
This item can be obtained upon completion of 3rd class quest, but those who has already finished quest, you can find it in your inventory.

Current Skill changes
When transforming into vanguard, decrese in defence effect have been removed.
Skill mastery is applied to following skills
triple slash / fatal stike / earth quake / spinning slasher / hammer crush / spoil crush / Thunder Storm / Burning fist / Shock Blast /
Punch of doom / soul breaker / armor crush / sonic storm / force blaster / demon blade dance / burning chop / sonic buster / full swing /
force buster / blade hurricane / double sonic slash / force storm / triple sonic slash / hurricane assault / force of destruction.

MP consumption increased for following skills.
Focus mind / vital force / esprit

Skill power increased for following skills.
Blade hurricane / full swing / power divide / double attack.

Frenzy - polearm dmg increase is removed.

Restore life cannot be used on enemy.

Burning chop can be learned to higher lvl ( 72 and 74)

Elder can learn major heal to lv 11.

Cloak that were distinguished to different armor type(robe/heavy/light) will all be combined to 1 type.

New belt + option
A/S grade - magic rune belt
HP regen - HP regeneration increased, when sitting regenerate at higher rate.
MP regen - MP regeneration increased, when sitting, regenrate at higher rate.

A/S grade - magic decoration belt.
PvP melee - normal hit increase during pvp
pvp skill - skill dmg increase during pvp
pvp defence - reduces dmg of normal hit and skill dmg received.

Other changes
Bow option "Cheap shot" will be applied to magic skills as well.
When changing weapon while it is in motion of hitting, it will change weapon after it is finished hitting once.
Changes in UI for shield and armor.
Casting speed reduced for following talisman skills. hp/cp recovery / bandage / melee escape / magic escape / escape / melee silence / magic silence / silcence
Changes in icon image for items that looks similar.

Item buy back - When you sold the item to the shop accidentally, you can retrive it back up to 12 items.

New pet
Teinonikus(?) - can be obtained at Dino Island
New Strider - can be obtained from Territory NPC with badges.

When you log into the game in the middle of hunting ground, you will not pull agro from aggressive monsters for 10 minutes. But when other action is taken, monsters will become aggressive.

There are more things including lots of quest. It seems to be a lot more fun added with this update.

Info was taken from

Other info on official Korean L2 website is HERE

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2Gracia Plus Empty Re: Gracia Plus on Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:51 am


oO thx u for the information....nice work Smile))

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3Gracia Plus Empty Re: Gracia Plus on Sun Jun 07, 2009 11:11 am


i hope they leave the skillenchant like it is ....i dont wanna play 10kk adena for 1 enchant which fails

4Gracia Plus Empty Re: Gracia Plus on Sun Jun 07, 2009 2:41 pm

Ebay rulez. Again... Sad

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5Gracia Plus Empty Re: Gracia Plus on Sun Jun 07, 2009 5:54 pm


huh Ebay??? what have gracia+ to do with ebay ?

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6Gracia Plus Empty Re: Gracia Plus on Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:00 pm


coz u pay adena for be able to enchant ur skills. if you want to have fast good skills you will buy adena from ebay

7Gracia Plus Empty Gracia+ new Quest info on Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:13 pm


New Quests at Gracia +

u need lvl 79

* Epic Quest 1 - A Series of Suspicious Incidents
Belohnung: 52,518,015 exp 5,817,677 SP

* Epic Quest 2 - A Positive Answer
Belohnung: 52,518,015 exp 5,817,677 SP

* Epic Quest 3 - The Contract with the Mammon Guild
Belohnung: 52,518,015 exp 5,817,677 SP

* Epic Quest 4 - The Secret Ritual of The Priests
Belohnung: 52,518,015 exp 5,817,677 SP

* Epic Quest 5 - The Emperor's Seals
Belohnung: 52,518,015 exp 5,817,677 SP

* Epic Quest 6 - The Sealed Scripture
Belohnung: 52,518,015 exp 5,817,677 SP

* Epic Quest 7 - Embryo
315,108,090 exp 34,906,059 SP, 1,500,000 Ancient Adena und ein S-Grade Bracelet, welches das Weight Limit um 5000 erhöht.

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8Gracia Plus Empty Re: Gracia Plus on Mon Jun 15, 2009 1:02 pm


alu thats german xD....

9Gracia Plus Empty Re: Gracia Plus on Mon Jun 15, 2009 2:36 pm


it isnt...klick at the links and u see its in korean translatet to english

need new glases? xD

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10Gracia Plus Empty Re: Gracia Plus on Tue Jun 16, 2009 4:10 am

i can gather you new ....eyes muhahahahahah Twisted Evil


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